RELATIONSHIP COUNSELLING IN DURBANVILLE: to help you and your partner reconnect

Modern day relationships can be difficult as most people today are so involved with everything and everyone around us that they forget to pay attention to their partners. Social media, technology, and the lack of proper communication all play a part in the collapse of relationships, and if the proper guidance is not utilised, overcoming these obstacles may seem impossible. Rudolph van Schoor offers professional relationship counselling in Durbanville, and also to clients in Cape Town and surrounds.


A lot of people see relationship counselling as something negative and therefore avoid it at all costs. The biggest reason for this could be that people are unsure about what it holds, what happens during a counselling session, and fear letting a third-party into the most intimate part of their lives. To put your mind at ease, here are some answers to things you may be wondering about:

You will need to reflect and take responsibility for your own actions

During a counselling session, you do most of the work yourself. Your counsellor will guide you to open-up, share your thoughts and feelings, and to reflect on your current issues. Often, you will also be required to do some homework outside of the counselling space, which will help you to implement what you have learned in real-life.

Yes, you may get asked about your childhood

This may seem irrelevant, but your counsellor is likely to ask you about your childhood and past relationships, as this could help you to connect the dots to current difficulties you are experiencing.

Your counsellor does not decide the fate of the relationship, you do

Contrary to widespread belief, your counsellor will never tell you what to what to do with regards to your relationship. They will guide you to realising what you want and need and will then assist you in making the important decisions.

The goal is not necessarily to save the relationship…

When seeing a relationship counsellor, the goal is not necessarily to save your relationship. Your counsellor can also help you cope with the grieving process that comes with the end of a relationship and he/she can also assist you in planning your way forward.

Most importantly, you get out of it what you put in

When partaking in counselling sessions, you and your partner can only expect to really benefit from it if you work hard, truly reflect, and listen to the suggestions. Therefore, depending on what you put in, you can be truly enlightened by these sessions and this may lead to a great improvement in your relationship. If you are interested in making an appointment for you and your partner to start with professional relationship counselling in Durbanville, in a safe and welcoming space, you are welcome to get in touch.
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