Need help finding your way forward? A PROFESSIONAL LIFE COACH MIGHT HELP

Most people these days are leading hectically busy and stressful lifestyles. We rarely get time to reflect on where we are in life, never mind where we want to be in life. To keep your life from getting out of control, or if it is already out of control, why not opt to make use of a professional life coach’s services?

Life coaching is all about reflecting on your life – where it stands, where it is going, where you want it to go, what you want from it, what you want to spend your time on, with who, doing what, etc. All these factors concern your drive or passion in life, and determining exactly what you want and need is important for your health and well-being.

As an experienced life coach in Durbanville, I have worked with a diverse range of clients that wanted to make use of my services for varied reasons. Life coaching is not only for solving problems. It is also advantageous even if you are not experiencing any problems, as it might help you to prevent future difficulties, or train you how to deal with anything that might come your way.


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    The difference between LIFE COACHING AND COUNSELLING?

    Many people that have been through therapy and counselling suddenly realise that they need a structured way to apply all the wisdom that they have accumulated over time. They want to know how to rebuild their lives and figure out what their goals are; then they need strategies that can be used to achieve this. Therapy and counselling focus on a person’s healing, whilst coaching is more about enhancing one’s performance. Coaching is an interactive activity, there is loads of homework and self-discovery, and this is hard for some people. But, in the end, it is worth it!


    • Work life balance
    • Marriage problems
    • Managing stress
    • Seeking meaning / new goals in life
    • Conflict management
    • Anger management
    • Career guidance
    • Dealing with loss

    Furthermore, I have helped clients to deal with substantial changes that occur in life. This is called transition coaching. Some of these changes include: the arrival of a new baby in the family, retirement, moving, dealing with children leaving home, etc.

    I take immense pride in acting as a professional life coach specifically for women. With the changing roles of women in the modern society, both at home and in the workplace, it often happens that women struggle to find a balance between their work, life and families. Therefore, as part of my coaching service I also specialise in helping working mothers to adjust to various roles, such as being a professional and a mother.

    I will happily assist with any problems that you are experiencing, or guidance that you are seeking, whether it is based on your personal life or career. Contact me to discuss your needs, and we will decide on a suitable plan.