RELATIONSHIP, MARRIAGE AND TRAUMA counselling offered by a professional:

As a qualified and experienced life, business, and executive coach, Rudolph van Schoor also offers counselling services. His experience in trauma counselling at the University of Pretoria, along with his passion for guiding people to overcoming obstacles in their lives enable him to offer guidance to those seeking assistance with PTSD, or even relationship troubles.

When making an appointment with Rudolph for relationship, marriage, or trauma counselling, clients can expect to be welcomed into a safe and non-judging space, where you will be able to share your feeling and experiences openly. I utilise my coaching background to guide my clients to recognise and implement solutions to the problems that they are experiencing.

Sessions can be done individually, or in groups when required.

MORE ABOUT MY services as a counsellor:

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In South Africa, the reality of lasting marriages is dismal. Statistics indicate that more or less 28% of all marriages nowadays end up in divorce. Unfortunately, this statistic is on the rise. As a life coach, I offer relationship guidance in the form of marriage counselling. My services are available in Durbanville, and also to clients in the greater part of Cape Town.
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    Modern day relationships are difficult as most people today are so involved with everything and everyone around them that they forget about their partners. Rudolph van Schoor offers reliable relationship guidance in Durbanville, and also to clients in Cape Town’s surrounds.
    If you experience recurring nightmares, flashbacks, sleeplessness, or bursts of extreme anger, after going through something traumatic, you may be suffering from PTSD. Trauma assistance is available to clients in Durbanville, as well as in the rest of the Cape surrounds.