Why make use of BUSINESS COACHING?

Feeling unsure about the next step in your business? Struggling with time management? No work-life balance? Horrible stress management getting you down? Experiencing leadership issues? Having trouble with a co-worker?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you might benefit from the services offered by Rudolph van Schoor, who is a professional in life, executive and business coaching.

An integral part of business coaching (also employee coaching), is focused on permitting people to solve their problems and to determine their own wants, needs and goals for the future – all in the context of the work place. It is about assisting business owners and their staff to grow their businesses by improving their personal performance and productivity, which will create a happier, more creative working environment. This will also aid in establishing satisfying relationships with customers.

My ability to analyse human dynamics is what allows me to assist clients in determining their deepest drive in life, also known as their deepest “why?”. I will help you figure out what drives you, what excites you and how to incorporate this into your everyday work life, not only to enhance your performance, but also for your personal well-being.

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    It is important to take the well-being of your team into account when running a business. People form an integral part of any business, and people, more than processes, contribute to its success or failure. Why? People create opportunities, systems and processes.


    • helping business owners and their teams to stay ahead of continuous change in the business world.
    • showing them how to set goals and how to achieve them.
    • creating high performing, self-motivated staff.
    • showing business owners how to successfully manage day-to-day affairs, and how to implement plans for the future.
    • helping businesses to gain and maintain their competitive advantage in the industry.
    • helping to navigate the constant changes and demands of the market place.

    To ensure that your company achieves the abovementioned benefits, I CAN HELP YOU WITH:

    • Emotional intelligence coaching
    • Engaging millennial employees
    • Leadership development
    • Team coaching
    • Building resilience against stress and burnout
    • Dealing with digital burnout
    • Sales conversations for marketing and sales teams
    • High performance coaching for CEO’s, business owners and key personnel
      • This is a service often required by women in top positions, to help them establish a work-life balance, to keep their careers from running their lives.
      • Some women struggle to define their relationship with their work and often feel guilty about spending too much time at work, or at home. We will find a suitable solution to allow you to enjoy both work and life.

    I have done coaching for small to medium sized enterprises such as Company Partners, Risma, and Ooh Inspired Designs. I HAVE ASSISTED THEM IN:

    • Positioning themselves, deciding on company branding, image, identity
    • Determining suitable working systems and/or operations.
    • Defining their relationship with their business and employees
    • Maintaining wellness at work

    If you would like to make use of my services for the benefit of your business, feel free to give me a call.