WHO IS Rudolph van Schoor?

rudolph-photo-black_desktopMy name is Rudolph van Schoor, I am an experienced life coach in Durbanville. I am trained in Applied Metapsychology, Traumatic Incident Reduction, and Life Stress Reduction techniques. These skills give my clients the peace of mind that that they will receive trustworthy and professional guidance. To strengthen my service offering, I visit my own personal life coach each month and also form part of a local supervision group where I gather with other life coaches in the Northern Suburbs on a monthly basis to discuss various industry developments, techniques and strategies. I also serve as a mentor in the Small Business Academy of the University of Stellenbosch Business School.



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    I completed numerous coaching workshops and various courses, which have allowed me to open my own practice in conjunction with the Stellenberg Ondersteuning Sentrum. I received training from well-known authors, coaching practitioners and trainers, such as Gerald French, Yvonne Retief and Diana Canant.

    I worked as the head of the HospiVision Trauma Counselling Unit in the Accident and Emergency Unit of the Steve Biko Academic Hospital, at the University of Pretoria, for 6 years. This opportunity provided me insight into how the human brain works and how it processes and deals with trauma, loss, and other challenges.

    My philosophy is that people can create, build and provide resources for themselves, their families and their businesses. This outlook grew during my years of experience in dealing with trauma and counselling.


    Rudolph van Schoor has a passion for people. I believe this, as well as my practical approach, is what makes my services so effective. I never judge or criticise any of my clients – my practice offers a safe environment where everyone feels welcome and at ease. I have more than 10 years’ experience in working with, and guiding people to realising their own potential.

    My intention is not to be the hero of your story, I want to help you realise that you can be the hero of your own story. My only responsibility is to be the best possible guide. Together, we will determine a plan and work on it to reach the goals that you have set. At all times, the focus is on the plan, not on me.

    How I can HELP YOU…

    Coaching is all about acknowledging and accepting one’s challenges and being open to change. The overall focus in life, business and executive coaching, is on excellence and performance, and most importantly on moving forward.

    I have assisted many clients who, no matter their background, all had one thing in common – they were people facing challenges, feeling uncertain, experiencing pain or stress, and they were seeking relief, clarity and the tools to manage their problems.

    During my coaching session with RUDOLPH VAN SCHOOR, he assists clients to:
    • determine how they can change their life and / or work approach
    • realise where they want to go in life / what their ultimate goals are
    • work out a strategy and process to reach their goals
    With the guidance of Rudolph van Schoor, you can learn, practise and make use of practical techniques and skills that might help you to deal with any curveball that life throws at you. If you are ready to make that change, feel free to get in touch.

    “Having attended a conference wherein Rudolph had an insightful talk, I knew that I had to share the experience with my staff. The results within my Company wherein my staff were taught how to tap into their innermost desires and addressed their personal concerns was phenomenal! I would highly recommend this to all Companies that have a mixed-bag of personalities.”

    Wendy Kemp | Managing Director

    “We can strongly recommend the training to other hospitals and companies.”

    Mercia Rix | Nursing Manager
    Durbanville Mediclinic


    “A mentor with insight and an unobtrusive way of leading one to the light at the end of the tunnel. Reeling in the end, that the process has come full circle with strategic hints and techniques applied by Coach Rudolph to nudge you along. Smart and simple, easy to apply plans to take action and work smarter.”

    Kim Spyron | Owner
    Ooooh Inspired Design


    “It was a great experience working with Rudolph. I could rethink, restrategise and reorganise my business. Coaching helped me sort out what was important and changed my focus.”

    Isabella Steyn | Partner

    “SIMPLY A MUST if you’re serious about running a successful business. The transition from an employee mindset into a business owner mindset is not something to take on lightly. It requires implementing new habits & getting rid of old ones. Not an easy task to achieve without professional guidance. It’s like sports, no professional athlete or sports team has succeeded without professional and private coaching, I believe the same concept applies to starting a business and more NB, scaling your business. My ongoing coaching sessions with Rudolph teaches me a lot about understanding a whole new realm of responsibilities and tactics involved in starting and growing a successful business, far beyond just the hard skills. Rudolph is incremental in guiding and maintaining my focus for the future success of my new business venture, and my personal growth.”

    Amanda Bester | Founder
    Pragmattica Digital Consulting


    “During the last 8 weeks I have found Rudolph’s business knowledge and coaching sessions to be of the most value and he has already made changes in my way of thinking, I am more focused as a business owner and he has given me confidence and direction to solve important issues. I am convinced that Rudolph’s time and input is of great value to business owners in SA. I do recommend him to any of my counterparts.”

    Dieter Schutte | Owner
    One World Agencies


    “I had the privilege of making use of Rudolph’s services while planning a massive career shift. He helped me in a professional, dynamic and supportive manner by listening, asking the right questions and working through issues which I had to deal with. His power-packed coaching session and subsequent feedback and support and genuine interest in my journey has given me the courage to take a leap of faith, and I have never looked back. Thank you, Rudolph.”

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