COACHING IN CAPE TOWN: the right tools at the right time

Life is unpredictable. Often one must deal with events or challenges that are painful and life altering. Dealing with these things can be tough, especially if you have not been prepared for it and you do not have the tools to do so. Coaching can offer both relief and clarity.

I am Rudolph van Schoor, a professional and experienced life coach. I specialise in life, executive and business coaching in Cape Town and surrounds. To me, coaching is about enabling people to help themselves. I am not here to tell you what to do with your life or how to deal with your problems, I want to help you recognise your strengths, to do what needs to be done to reach your goals or solve the problems you are experiencing.

coaching in Cape Town

Coaching in South Africa is still a very young industry. It has been in practice for 20 years, with a surge in popularity the last 3 years. Nowadays, people interested in coaching can study at various universities and business schools in South Africa. It is especially useful for modern corporations, as coaching is used to motivate employees for enhanced productivity and to better employee relationships.
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    It is important to note that coaching is not only needed in times of distress, or to help solve problems. It allows people to take some much needed me-time to reflect on where they are in life, and what they still want to achieve. Coaching can result in regaining an authentic lifestyle and give you that “push” you need to go to new heights.

    My aim, as an executive, life and business coach, is to provide clients with professional, useful and interactive guidance. I want you to find the answers to those daily “what now,” “what is my next step,” “where am I heading,” “what are my goals,” “what is my passion in life” questions.

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    What can I OFFER YOU?

    As a professional life coach, I offer life, executive and business coaching to all residents of Cape Town, both to individuals and groups. What differentiates my services is that I work with each client personally and only determine a strategy once I have met my client. Therefore, you will be receiving coaching specifically suited to your needs.

    My services are specifically suited for entrepreneurial or professional mothers and fathers that are facing an opportunity or challenge that they have not been prepared for. Coaching (life, business or executive) offers a trustworthy and dynamic space where one can figure out where to begin, which direction to take and how to get there. In this way, you can create or regain an authentic lifestyle.

    If you are facing any of the following problems, I CAN BE OF IMMENSE HELP:

    • Marriage Problems
    • Struggling with work-life-family balance
    • Trauma
    • Issues at work or in your business
    • Seeking direction
    • Not satisfied with your work
    • Time management
    • Seeking meaning in life
    • Need some time for yourself

    If you are interested in taking back control of your life, or finding that balance between your work and family life, do not hesitate to contact me to make an appointment.